What are capoeira classes like?

A basic capoeira class consists of warmup, movements, sequences, strength/flexibility exercises, music practice, games, or any combination.

What should I wear to capoeira class?

Come ready to train in appropriate exercise clothing; sweatpants, yoga clothes or other martial arts clothes are recommended. No shorts or baggy clothes.

Can I wear shoes?

Capoeiristas commonly train barefoot.You can train with shoes. If so lightweight sneakers with a flat sole or wrestling/martial art shoes are recommended. Use only a pair of shoes that will not be worn outside to prevent bringing dirt/rocks/sand/broken glass into the training area.

What if I have an injury / sickness / medical issue?

Always let the teachers know if you have an injury, recent or chronic. Our teachers are trained to work with you and can modify movements and exercises to accomodate all physical conditions. Always let the teachers know about other medical issues such as open cuts & wounds and surgeries.

Anything else?

Come to class at least 10 minutes before start time to put your bags and clothes away. If it is your first class, give some time to fill out appropriate paperwork. Don’t forget to bring water or some other form of hydration.